Waste Oil Handling Equipment

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Alentec Orion provide a wide range of equipment for handling waste oil that can be viewed on-line or downloaded as a PDF file.

The easiest way of collecting waste oil when servicing vehicles is to use a waste oil bowl in a container or in a drum, on a trolley under the vehicle on the lift. To extract waste oil directly through the dipstick hole, waste oil units with suction probes are used. In lubrication pits, waste oil containers on wheels running on the pit rails are another possibility. If the containers can not be emptied by gravity, an air-operated suction pump can be used. The pump can either be mounted on the container or be part of a fixed installation on a wall or floor and connected to the container by a suction hose. The waste oil is usually pumped through pipes to a remote collector tank, which is emptied by waste reclamation companies when needed.

Waste oil is harmful and considered a hazardous product, with local authorities having special rules & regulations that have to be observed.

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